Investigation of Supercurrent in the Quantum Hall Regime in Graphene Josephson Junctions

Published in Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2018

Recommended citation: Draelos, A.W., Wei, M.T., Seredinski, A., Ke, C.T., Mehta, Y., Chamberlain, R., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Yamamoto, M., Tarucha, S., Borzenets, I.V., Amet, F., Finkelstein, G. (2018). "Investigation of supercurrent in the quantum Hall regime in graphene Josephson junctions." J. Low Temp. Phys. 191(5-6), pp. 288-300.

We examine multiple encapsulated graphene Josephson junctions to determine which mechanisms may be responsible for supercurrent observed in the quantum Hall regime.

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